AGT Results Recap: September 6th

Dee Snider Performing With Haunted By Heroes

Thursday’s AGT was the last result show of the season before the winner is revealed next week and, even though it was everyone’s last shot at the finals, there wasn’t much drama. The results were pretty obvious. As with last week, the Top 4 acts were revealed before three of them advanced.

The first result was between Shanice and Maurice Hayes, Lightwire Theater, and  All That! None of these three acts are worthy of winning the competition, but Lightwire Theater was the best choice in terms of originality. They got the first of the Top 4 spots.

The next group was Sebastien “El Charro De Oro,” David Garibaldi And His CMYK’s, and Jacob Williams. Both Williams and Sebastien have a future in performing, but they are not currently ready for a national audience. Garribaldi is ready and deserved a spot as one of the Top 4 acts. Performance painting is a talent that the show has never seen before. AGT was lucky to find this mesmerizing act.

The first guest performer of the night was magician Nathan Burton, a contestant on season one of AGT. Burton has come a long way in 7 years. It’s not surprising that he has his own show in Vegas now. Burton is a classic illusion, who knows how to please a crowd. After Burton was an embarrassingly unskilled performance by Haunted By Heroes, a rock band made up 12 year-olds. Their cover of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” was flat and off-key. Haunted By Heroes might as well have been practicing in a garage. It was nowhere near a professional level of performance. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider joining in was the one bright spot of the performance, but even he was just average on Thursday because he did not have to impress anyone.

Clint Caravalho And His Extreme Parrots, All Wheel Sports, and Olate Dogs were called up next. Olate Dogs doesn’t even compare to the other acts, so it was no surprise that that they were one of the Top 4 acts. They are superbly trained and have been fun to watch every time they perform.

Next, Train performed their hit ,”Drive By”. It was good, but not great. Train doesn’t seem to be the best at performing live, but the performance was good enough to keep the viewer paying attention.

The final grouping was The Untouchables, Tim Hockenberry, and The Magic of Puck. Again, none of these acts deserved to win the competition. However, The Untouchables performed the best out of the three and got their shot at the finals.

After Olate Dogs and The Untouchables advanced to the finals, the Judges’ Choice was between Lightwire Theater and David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s. The judges were devastated at having to make such a decision. Knowing they had to make a choice, Sharon’s pick was Lightwire Theater and Howie picked Garibaldi. This left the decision up to Howard, who did not like being the deciding choice. Ultimately, Howard had a “gut feeling” that Garibaldi belonged in the finals and put him through.

The finals should be very exciting. This is the first time the final group of acts will not include a solo singer. Parts of the season were  disappointing, but luckily it is culminating in the best group of acts that AGT has ever had in the finals.

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