Most Ridiculous Sites Dedicated to TV

The Internet is a strange place. Hardcore fans of TV shows are a weird bunch. What happens when you combine the two? These websites.

Law & Order & Food

People love Law & Order, all 200 versions of it. Some are incredibly dedicated and document every background event. Those fans are responsible for this Tumblr page, which is dedicated to documenting every time Munch munches and Detective Briscoe wants a sandwich. Law & Order & Food features pictures from all of Law & Order’s spin-offs. While criminals caught on Law & Order have the right to remain silent, all food that appears has “the right to remain delicious.”

Chandler Dances On Things

Chandler Bing from Friends had the second most iconic dance from the 90s, second only to Carlton Banks. This group of Chandler aficionados could have opted to make gifs of every Friends scene where Mr. Bing shook his groove thing, but that would have been only moderately creepy. Enjoy Chandler Dances On Things, which has images of Chandler dancing on everything imaginable from bald eagles to pizza. It is the only website that walks the fine line between being delightful and begging Matthew Perry to file a restraining order against its moderators.

Huxtable Hotness

Is Theo Huxtable your fashion idol? How about Clair? Cliff? Denise? Even if the Huxtables aren’t your favorite fashion forward family, Huxtable Hotness may be of interest because it documents every outfit ever worn in an episode of The Cosby Show. Then again, most people don’t care how stylish the Huxtable women were in the 80s, since Cliff’s sweaters stole the show.

The Brian Williams Tie Report

Brian Williams hosts NBC Nightly News five nights a week, which means he goes through a lot of ties. That’s the only logical conclusion, right? It’s totally necessary to tirelessly document every tie choice Brian wears sans pictures. You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen, a page about the very visual television and is on the very visual Internet records the eponymous man’s ties with simple words and nothing more.

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