Top Fall 2013 Comedy Picks

The excitement continues! You’ve already read about my top six picks for fall dramas, but lets not forget about the comedies. Out of the 57 shows that are coming out this season, here are my top found stand out comedy picks. (In no particular order as they are all equally awesome)

 Super Fun Night (ABC)

This show follows the friendship between three girls, Kimmie Boubier a junior attorney, Helen-Alice and Marika. The three best friends have had the same Friday night plans of staying in for the past 13 years, but when Kimmie gets a promotion, it throws them for a loop they aren’t sure they’re ready for.

Why I’m Excited: The show stars Rebel Wilson and is based off of her own social encounters. She’s hysterical and smart. I have no doubt that anything she’s involved in while have me on the floor in tears of joy and awkward angst for hours. I love that women are really taking a lead in comedies this season. I love that her friends are seemingly relatable. I love that us introverts are getting a show that speaks for the times we’re forced out of our houses to go clubbing…Whatever clubbing is.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Fox)

Brooklyn Nine Nine follows Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), a “good enough” cop that never works hard or follows the rules too closely, and he doesn’t have to, considering he holds the best arrest record among his colleagues. All things change when the precinct gets a new commanding officer who reminds this hotshot that he isn’t the boss.

Why I’m Excited: The trailer for this show is ridiculous and portrays the tone of the show way better than any description. Every single actor in the show is hysterical and the writing is on point, which isn’t surprising because the writer/producers Dan Goor and Michael Schur, who worked on Parks and Recreation, are attached to this show as well.  I’m also pleased to see that it looks as if there are females in the show who are funny without relying solely on exploiting themselves sexually! Bravo!

The Crazy Ones (CBS)

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in this workplace comedy. Williams plays the boss of an advertising firm whose unorthodox methods would get him fired, if he weren’t already the boss. The office is staffed with a group intent on keeping Williams in check, including his daughter played by Gellar.

Why I’m Excited: Buffy and Mrs. Doubtfire in an advertising firm that reminds me slightly of the company from Big? Sounds like a plan to me! Robin Williams’s his iconic acting style paired with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s great instincts and objective to keep Williams in line makes for comedy gold. It’s a fun, lighthearted comedy that I can’t wait for.

The Goldbergs (ABC)

The Goldbergs is a show that follows the lives of a family in the ‘80s, a time most of us can’t imagine. It’s before Google and peanut allergies. The Goldbergs are just like your family, but with more yelling. The family is made up of a loving, if not overbearing mother, sloppy father, and three kids.

Why I’m Excited: It’s relatable. Just upon looking at this show and the characters I saw a lot of my own childhood. Aesthetically, it’s killer. I see haircuts that I had as a child and the sweater I wore to my first grade class picture all in the trailer alone. The characters are also hysterical and over the top. I’m happy to see a sitcom style show with a simple concept really exploring family dynamic again. It’s a simpler time and a simpler show. I think it works.

What fall comedies will you be watching come September?

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