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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Series Premiere Review

brooklyn-nine-nine-1Tina Fay, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis. These are just some of the many talented comedians who have become household names through Saturday Night Live. They have all left the show and become successful film and television stars. The newest actor to have his own series is Andy Samberg. Samberg is already a talented recording artist thanks to his comedic rap group phenomenon The Lonely Island. Now, he is going back to television.

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Top Fall 2013 Comedy Picks

The excitement continues! You’ve already read about my top six picks for fall dramas, but lets not forget about the comedies. Out of the 57 shows that are coming out this season, here are my top found stand out comedy picks. (In no particular order as they are all equally awesome)

 Super Fun Night (ABC)

This show follows the friendship between three girls, Kimmie Boubier a junior attorney, Helen-Alice and Marika. The three best friends have had the same Friday night plans of staying in for the past 13 years, but when Kimmie gets a promotion, it throws them for a loop they aren’t sure they’re ready for.

Why I’m Excited: The show stars Rebel Wilson and is based off of her own social encounters. She’s hysterical and smart. I have no doubt that anything she’s involved in while have me on the floor in tears of joy and awkward angst for hours. I love that women are really taking a lead in comedies this season. I love that her friends are seemingly relatable. I love that us introverts are getting a show that speaks for the times we’re forced out of our houses to go clubbing…Whatever clubbing is.

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Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg Have Another Lazy Sunday

It’s been 6 1/2 years, since the original Lazy Sunday went viral on the Internet. In 2005, YouTube was new, NBC did not know how to respond to bootleg sharing of copyrighted content on the Internet, and The Chronicles of Narnia was somewhat relevant. Even though NBC ordered YouTube to take down all unauthorized uploads, Lazy Sunday still became an Internet sensation spawning several spinoffs, such as Lazy Muncie and Lazy Ramadi. Despite most Lonely Island videos making it to Youtube nowadays, it is still next to impossible to find the original Lazy Sunday on YouTube.

There was something special about Lazy Sunday. NBC had struck lightening in a bottle. It was full of New York attitude and current pop culture references. Nobody saw last night coming. Lazy Sunday 2 debuted last night on Saturday Night Live. Obviously, it is not as good as the original, nothing can be. However, Lazy Sunday 2 comes close. It is full of everything that made the first one great.

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