‘Glee’: Beatles Week

Glee’s season 5 got underway last night. The New Directions are back. For two weeks, the glee club will be paying homage to The Beatles. Their club advisor, Mr. Will Schuester, mentions that they need to bring their A+ games so that they when they win back to back championships, they can form their own New Directions dynasty. All my life, I grew up listening to the Beatles and I thank my dad for it. When watching Glee I had very high expectations as to how the show was going to go. I thought that the show had its moments, but it wasn’t something out there.

Rachel has a call back to do a reading of “Funny Girl” in front of the producer of the show, Peter Facinelli. She has the right look for the part, but Facinelli feels that she might be too young for the part. The first song Rachel sings is Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday.” The song was so somber and melancholy that you needed a box of tissues by your side. Rachel begins to sing in an empty auditorium and passes “Sardies,” a famous New York Restaurant that she and Finn went to on their work date in the season two finale. Then she walks to the well-known Bow Bridge and begins to reflect about her love for Finn. It’s very emotional to see because these were the locations she was with Finn during the season two season finale. She views a picture on her cell phone of the entire glee club.

Kitty and Artie have a new relationship. They decide to go to the carnival, where they sing “Drive My Car.” In the literal sense, they are singing while driving the bumper cars.

A new cheerleader named Bree wants to take Kitty’s place as head cheerleader. Kitty was not always the nicest girl to be friends with, but since being with Arties, she is starting to open up and be less mean. Bree said that they Artie and Kitty make a cute couple and her already instagrammed a few pictures of them. As soon as Bree left, Kitty says “She’s a stone cold bitch and she is out to destroy me.”  They sing “You Got to Hide Your Love Away,” which is the perfect song for their situation. Kitty and Artie go into another classroom where they sing under the stars and planets. She gives Artie a trail of hearts and stars on the ceiling and they hide their love with cute Eskimo kisses.

rrrEveryone must be thrilled that Sue Sylvester is back at McKinley and crazier than ever. She mentions how the school begged her to come back.  Last season, she was let go because she lied to help a student who brought a gun into school. Sue decided to blackmail Principal Figgins by placing gay porno magazines, foot fetish magazines, and an autographed copy of Mein Kampf  in his office. Principal Figgins told the officers that he goes to church every Sunday. She doesn’t feel guilty doing what she did, but she is hoping that her sidekick, Becky Jackson, comes back soon. Becky admitted to bringing the gun into school causing the school to go into lockdown mode. She was only facing a month of suspension. Principal Figgins is now the janitor and screams in the hallways “you are a monster Sue Sylvester.”

Blaine asks the glee club for serious help because he wants to propose to Kurt. He wants the proposal to be a cultural statement and wants the rival glee clubs to help as well. Blaine runs around the various schools singing the song “Help” with his other glee club members. At the end of the episode, Blaine begins to sing “All You Need is Love” with the other schools chiming in. He brought all his close friends from the Dalton Academy because that is where they first met. In the ending of the song, he changes the lyrics to “he loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Soon after his nice little emotional speech, he proposes to Kurt and Kurt gladly accepts.

Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, certainly got into his character for this episode. He really wanted to get the Beatles mannerisms down pat. When singing “I Saw Her Standing There,” he did the occasional Paul McCartney move of shaking the head. In order to make the video look as if they were back in the ’60’s, it was in black and white.

Originally, people thought that Glee was the Rachel Berry Show, but now it’s more like the Blaine Anderson Show. Everything seems to revolve around him. Rachel is in New York and Blaine is in Lima. I’m surprised no one else really complains that they don’t get the solos, since he practically sings it all now.

This week didn’t really excite me all that much. Maybe it’s just me being stubborn because I’m a huge Beatles fan. Also, the glee club has performed other Beatles songs in the past and has done really well, but the catalog is so vast that they could have easily chosen better songs. The glee club should either refrain from tributes or chose a different artist because The Beatles are big shoes to fill. As Sue Sylvester would put it “John Lennon and George Harrison would be rolling over in their graves.”

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