‘The Crazy Ones’ Is A Half Hour Ad

Do you want to watch a half hour long McDonald’s ad? Of course, you do. Nothing’s better that 30 minutes of trying to convince a celebrity to sing “You Deserve a Break Today.”

Not really.

CBS needs a reality check. No one wants to watch a sitcom length ad, even if it stars Robin Williams. And yet, The Crazy Ones is just that: an ad disguised as a sitcom starring Robin Williams. Since the show does take place at an advertising agency, many viewers may be generous enough to give the show a pass on using real brands because it adds realism. The problem with that is the show isn’t realistic at all.

The Crazy Ones has Robin William basically play his stand up persona under the name Simon Roberts. Whether or not you like this show depends a lot on how high your tolerance for Robin’s silly voices is. How a character with a short attention span and who changes to and from silly voices every two minutes owns an extremely successful advertising agency is a mystery. The man is so eccentric he plays a life size game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots in his office and sniffs an assistant’s hair before he meets clients.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Simon’s daughter, Sydney Roberts. Sydney is the voice of reason, but that also makes her boring. When her father promises McDonald’s something he doesn’t think he can deliver, Sydney gets the job of fixing it. In the pilot, this means Sydney has to convince Kelly Clarkson to sing “You Deserve a Break Today” for a new McDonald’s campaign. At first, Kelly says no because she wants a new sexy image. This leads to a very awkward song sexualizes hamburgers with the phrase “it ain’t the meat it’s the motion.”

Knowing they can’t go through with this song because McDonald’s specifically request “You Deserve a Break Today,” Simon and his employee Zach Cropper try to pivot Kelly, which means reel her in with one deal and try to convince her to go along with their original plan. Kelly refuses to fall for it.  In an attempt to convince Kelly to change her mind, Sydney catches Kelly eating lunch at a restaurant with her family and interrupts their meal. Sydney goes on and on about how the song makes people feel, so Kelly challenges her to sing the song in the restaurant and make her “feel.” Sydney knows she can’t sing. The whole performance probably was really embarrassing for her. It makes you want to cringe.

In the end, Kelly sings the McDonald’s jingle, Roberts & Roberts doesn’t lose the McDonald’s account, and you’re left wondering why actors who are better than this material would agree to a glorified McDonald’s ad. Viewers who tuned in to see Robin Williams’ return to television shouldn’t waste their time watching more than one episode. If they are smart, CBS will cancel The Crazy Ones mid-season.

About Allison Lips

I am the Toastmasters District 83 Public Relations manager and President of Freehold Phrasers.

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