‘Glee : Tina in the Sky With Diamonds’

If you enjoyed the Beatles songs last week, Glee is back with even more Beatles songs. Not only did Glee continue to pay homage to the legendary fab four, but they had their McKinley High Prom. It was pure entertainment and jammed packed for episode two. Last night’s episode focused on Tina, the type of character you want to love and hate right now. This once shy, timid, girl, who pretended to have a stutter, is now the biggest bitch you can ever meet. She doesn’t want to be in the shadows anymore and wants to gain attention by becoming prom queen. This is not easy to say, but the diva award truly goes to Miss Tina Cohen Chang.

Once Tina finds out she was nominated for prom queen, she is ecstatic, but her prom date, Sam, isn’t so happy. Not only is Sam hurt that he didn’t get nominated for prom king, but Tina drops him as a date. She thought by going single, she could get more of the single prom votes. Soon after, she starts singing “Revolution,” an anthem in its own way. She truly wants to change the world. Everyone knows that Tina wants to shine, but the glee club decides to leave while she continues to sing.

Santana tells Rachel she got a yeast infection commercial . Rachel is very happy for Santana, but is afraid she won’t get her dream job of being Fannie Brice in Funny Girl. Bree, a newer member of the Cheerios addressed Kitty about winning prom queen. They wanted to keep the Cheerios legacy alive.  Kitty has a hard decision to make, because she is on the Cheerios, and wants to help out her Glee sister at the same time.

A few new characters came onto the scene last night. X-Factor judge Demi Lovato appears as Santana’s new love interest Dani. She works at the diner with Rachel and Santana. Besides Demi Lovato coming onto the scene, McKinley High has a very new, young nurse in store. Her name is Penny Owen, played by Spring Awakening vet, Phoebe Strole. Penny is a sophomore in college and is working at the school for an internship. Sue enforces the vaccination policy for all students. Sam is afraid of needles. But by her, he will get himself vaccinated.  He sings George Harrison’s  “Something,” which the lyrics speaks for itself. I would have thought he would have sang “Penny Lane,” because her it would make for a nice pickup line.

Dani and Santana are beginning to start a new love. The duo began to sing “Here Comes the Sun” and walk home to Dani’s place. Santana didn’t want it to end. Its interesting that the song was sung by two females, but it didn’t cut it for me. I rather stick to the original.  Dani gave Santana a sweet, innocent kiss as a goodbye for now. Jake, Ryder, Marley, and Unique sang “Sgt. Pepper” at the prom. It was clever that the costumes were recreated.

Each year their proms are epic. They had dinosaurs in one prom and then the next they are having students singing the Beatles. If you weren’t a Beatles fan, you wouldn’t have loved going to this prom. The creators of the show are having the students sing Beatles songs for younger generations to learn. Being brought up in a Beatles household, I thought I was the only one who has ever heard of the iconic band. Now, more and more people I see or talk to love listening to their music or have Abbey Road posters hanging up in their rooms.

Bree and the cheerios wanted Kitty to win all along, but wants to embarrass Tina during prom. They were trying to recreate the “Carrie” prom scene. On the top of the stage was a bucket filled with red slushie to embarrass Tina. The red slushie landed on Tina as if it was Carrie being doused in pig’s blood. What I found to be interesting is that in the last prom episode, Rachel made a reference to the Carrie’s pig’s blood on her as if it’s a crazy joke. The scene was an exact replica of the film Carrie. The students were mocking Tina  in slow motion. Blaine and the rest of the glee club goes to Tina’s rescue. Tina gets very emotional and says “leave me like this” and Blaine said “you can own that prom, go be that girl.” The girls were willing to take their dresses off to help Tina out which was so nice to see a glee family coming together as one to help a friend out in need. Tina wore Kitty’s dress and looked gorgeous as ever. She is surrounded by her glee family as they sing “Hey Jude.” Kitty was standing beside her in a t-shirt and jeans.

Coach Roz Washington pulls Bree by the hair to Sue’s office to discuss the prom prank mishap. Instead of suspending Bree, Sue decided to promote her to head cheerleader. She thought Bree would be the best asset for the Cheerios in hopes of destroying the glee club. Bree happens to be the mix breed of Quinn, Santana, and Kitty. What’s nice about Kitty is that since now being in a relationship with Artie, she is less bitchy and becoming more open and vulnerable.

Kurt, Rachel and Santana made a pinky swear that they will stay in the city for two years, whether they have successes or failures. They will always be there for each other. Peter Facinelli, who was also guest starring last night, said to Rachel if he can have a whole cake. She needs to add writing on it and it would say “Congrats Rachel Berry, you are Fanny Brice.” Rachel was overjoyed and the Glee cast began to celebrate by singing “Let it Be.”

Now that the Beatles tribute is over, I was kind of surprised by last night’s episode. All the songs used in the episode were mainly of Paul McCartney, none with John Lennon. There were even some George songs as well, so I felt it was very odd. Ideally, I hope they do more Beatles songs, but not another tribute. The Beatles have a vast catalog, so I thought the creators would have chosen other songs that better fit the story lines.

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