‘Hello Ladies’: Same Schtick Over and Over Again

Hello Ladies is mildly entertaining and kind of sad. The show relies too much on Stuart Prtichard, who is a fish out of water and a jerk.

Stuart Pritchard doesn’t deserve his friends. For some reason, Wade puts up with Stuart’s wannabe Casanova lifestyle and allows Stuart to control his life, even though all Wade wants is his wife to take him back. In “The Limo,” Wade rents a limo, so that he could take his wife, who he is currently separated from, on a special date. Wade’s wife tells him to get lost. Instead of having Wade cancel the limo, Stuart decides to have a party in it on Wade’s dime.

Initially, the party is fine albeit extremely awkward. Stuart doesn’t know how to talk to ladies, especially one’s he doesn’t know. Unless, you’re his tenant, Jessica, chances are Stuart will act creepy around you. Throughout the entire episode, Stuart would ask random women to join him, Wade, and Kives in the limo. The first people he asks are Jessica’s friends. At first, they say no because they planned on doing their usual partying, but Jessica had other plans.

Jessica is as inept with her friends as Stuart is with woman. The good news it’s not Jessica. It’s who she chooses to hang out with. All her friends are Valley Girls types, who are more interested in drinking and gossiping than anything with emotional depth. Jessica wants to spend the night listening to jazz and watching the cinema classic Battleship Potemkin, which is silent, in Russian, and hard to watch. Not most people’s ideal plans for a Friday night, but if her friends rolled that way it would be fine. Instead, her friends opt to hang out with Stuart in the limo, which brings out Stuarts creepy side. He’s hitting on a woman with a boyfriend, a woman who has a fiance, and stares at another one’s boobs. The man has every bad trait associated with men and none of the charisma that lets him get away with it.

Once Jessica’s friend arrive, Stewart is a total jerk to the tourists he picked up. He liked them at first because he thought they’d be an easy lay, but Jessica’s friends are hotter. Stuart also thinks he’s entitled to go into exclusive restaurant just because he’s riding around in a limo. Shocker: he’s not.

Everyone in the show thinks Stuart is a moron. Viewers will also think Stuart’s a moron. He’s not even likable. The most likeable character’s in Hello Ladies are Wade and Jessica; both of whom are incredibly pathetic. To make matters worse for Jessica, at some point she will definitely end up in a relationship and/or sleep with Stuart. When they have no one else to talk to, they turn to each other. Jessica deserves better than Stuart.

It’s unlikely Stuart will grow out of his awkward perverted phase and become God’s gift to women. While that’s not necessary, it would be nice if he stopped thinking that no one knows he’s the coolest guy in the room. Everyone knows he’s not, except for Stuart. It’s not time to say goodbye to Hello Ladies yet, but unless there’s some character development people will lose interest.

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