‘Sean Saves the World’: “Busted” Review

Sean Saves the World’s second episode, “Busted,” is much better than the pilot. The writers still appear to be behind the times because this episode makes a big deal about Sean’s daughter’s first bra. With the exception of Sean being a gay father, the show could have taken place in the 1980s.

The entire episode revolved around Sean’s daughter, Ellie (Samantha Isler), trying to find the perfect first bra. Since her mother isn’t around, Grandma Lorna (Linda Lavin) and older sister figure Liz (Megan Hilty) both want to take Ellie bra shopping. Let the wacky antics begin!

Liz takes Ellie shopping first. Liz doesn’t realize that Ellie is a sensible 14-year-old. All Ellie wants is something to keep her breasts from jiggling. However, Liz has other plans. She even asks Ellie, “Are you sexually active? Do you want to be?” It’s a little disturbing that Liz wants Ellie to sleep around like she did. After browsing the store, Liz buys Ellie a bunch of sexy bras and a piece of lingerie, which Sean doesn’t have a problem with because Ellie makes it clear she is unhappy with Liz’s choices.

When Lorna knocks on the door and threatens to use her key, Sean and Ellie fight over who should hide the bras. The scene is actually pretty funny because the bag breaks, sending the bras all over the kitchen. Ellie leaves Sean to hide the bras alone. He thought he put all of them in the cupboard, but Lorna finds one in his tomato sauce. Sean makes up the “saucing” phenomenon that all the kids are doing when they don’t like something.

Sean ends up letting his mother take Ellie bra shopping, but doesn’t tell her about Liz. Ellie doesn’t want to go shopping with Lorna. She gives in because she doesn’t have a bra yet. Lorna is just as bad as Liz- only she wants Ellie to explore her body before she has sex. It’s awkward. Liz was clueless. Lorna’s graphic descriptions are just gross.

In the end, both women find out about the other’s trip to the bra store, which makes Sean realize that he’s “the only woman” who should take Ellie to life-defining events is himself. He’s right, but the whole ordeal shouldn’t have been a problem. Any man would find taking his daughter to buy a bra awkward, but Liz and Lorna shouldn’t have been acting like a bra will change Ellie’s life.

As for Sean’s office life, it’s extremely odd. Max admits he gets advice on how to deal with his employees from a book that was written by one of Hitler’s top men. It made Sean uncomfortable as well as a few viewers. Max also bans Sean from the break room because Sean said things of a “brassierial” nature in there. This comes from a man who thinks buying his employee’s daughter her first bra is nothing more than a way to connect with him. It was completely inappropriate.

Everyone in Sean’s life, except for his daughter and friend Hunter (Echo Kellum), says inappropriate things. While it’s funny for now, it will get old because Sean Saves the World isn’t targeting the same audience as South Park. It’s targeting families with preteen daughters. Unless someone saves it, Sean Saves the World may be the next casualty of the 2013 season.

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