‘Hello Ladies’: “The Date” Review

Hello Ladies is tiresome. All the characters are pathetic. It’s no longer funny.

Out of all the characters, Stuart Pritchard is the worst. Stuart thinks he’s a player, but he doesn’t even know when a woman is hitting on him. When Jessica does point it out, Stuart awkwardly tries to act cool, which demonstrates exactly how uncool he is, yet sometimes he gets the girl. “The Date” had him ask a girl from his gym’s smoothie bar appear clearly interested in him, but Stuart thinks she’s just making fun of his Britishness because she says things like “top of the morning to you” and “cheerio.” Once Stuart understands the situation, he ends up knocking over all the drinks in the refrigerator. In his head, leaning against the fridge is cool. Everyone else knows attempting to look cool only makes you look clueless.

The gawky man, who can’t get a date, thinks he’s the ultimate ladies man. Funny concept? Yes. Does it get old fast? Absolutely. It doesn’t help that Rory, who works for Stuart, believes everything Stuart say about his ability with women. Rory’s the only person in the world, who has less experience with women than Stewart, but that’s only because Rory comes off as the type of person who hasn’t left the house since video games were invented. It only feeds Stuarts paranoia that women aren’t interested in him.

Despite Stuarts paranoia, when it comes to dating, he manages to take the girl from the gym on two dates. The first one they end up at a trendy, expensive restaurant that Stuart can’t afford, but pretends that the prices don’t matter. They do: big time. Really, you can’t blame him. She asked to go there, but it wasn’t an appropriate first date choice. The restaurant served 56 dollar steaks with the option to add 20 dollar truffles, which his date has no problem ordering.

The second date is the more appropriate mini-golf. However, the girl’s texting throughout the date worsens Stewart’s paranoia because it’s to a guy named Alex. He’s her brother and has leukemia. To be fair to Stewart, he didn’t know this. Even if he had, it still wouldn’t have been appropriate. If her brother was in bad shape, she should have cancelled the date or warned Stewart that she might not be paying full attention to him.

While Stewart is having his usual bad luck dating, Jessica realizes that her agent hasn’t gotten her jobs in months, yet other actresses he manages have jobs. It turns out she’s “too old” for some jobs and isn’t enough of a character actress for others. Her big gig in this episode was a tampon commercial, which she finds embarrassing. The place she went to try out for the commercial is also casting for a Scorsese movie. She isn’t eligible for it, but one of her agent’s other clients is and likes to rub it in that Jessica’s career has hit a low point.

As for Wade, he spends “The Date” trying to convince people to get in on “AG,” which stands for “all good,” texts. The texts are sent every three hours. If recipients don’t receive the texts every three hours, they are to assume something is wrong.  Since he no longer talks to his wife, Wade’s afraid he will die alone just because he tripped in the bathtub and got a minor cut. No one wants in on it, except for Rory. Stewart puts up with it, but doesn’t act on the “AG” texts. It works out for Wade because he gets trapped in a stairwell at work without his phone. Rory gets concerned. It’s never shown that Rory is responsible for freeing Wade, but Wade is coincidentally freed right after Rory starts worry about him.

Hello Ladies needs to say goodbye. It might have been a clever movie, but it doesn’t work as a series. Stephen Merchant has so much more potential than what is shown in this show. Hopefully, Hello Ladies will end, so that Stephen can move onto a better project.

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