‘American Horror Story: Coven’: “Boy Parts” Recap

This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven opened up against a classic Louisiana landscape: the bayou. Two poachers hunting gators are hauling a catch up to their camp when they noticed a woman we know as (the recently burned-at-the-stake) Misty Day wandering around. As Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” served as the background music, Day, looking very Nicks-ish herself (more on that later), examines several of their previous kills and lets the hunters know how she feels about their hobby.  Given her power of resurrection, it was easy to see where this was going. She brings all of the gators back to life, and they decimate the two men, guilty of murdering innocent creatures for their own personal gain. When we last saw Misty, she was called a necromancer and burned by her God-fearing peers. Now, she’s mentally and physically reborn.

Back at the school, Cordelia gets the girls up and ready for the day. Zoe is still mourning Kyle, but Madison feels he’s just as guilty as his fraternity brothers. Zoe can’t accept that, but Madison assures her he would have died anyway because of Zoe’s power. Fiona, meanwhile, has Madame LaLaurie tied up and gagged in her room. Fiona warns her not to scream, but of course she does. I’m still not exactly sure what she thought this would accomplish. She obviously wants to be helped, but I’d imagine it would be difficult for someone who’s been buried alive for 180 years to navigate the present.

The women are greeted downstairs by homicide detectives who want to question Zoe and Madison about the bus crash. They know Zoe visited the ringleader in the hospital, and they also know that his is the second death of its kind that Zoe is associated with. Zoe cracks and confesses everything, including the school’s true purpose. Fiona, like the Supreme she is, uses a potion and another kind of Jedi mind trick to get them to drop the case. Madison and Zoe, arguing, have since gone upstairs. Fiona enters with a bang, flinging them both up against a wall and calling Zoe “soft.” Even the weakest witch is better than the strongest human, she says. The only thing the girls should fear is Fiona.

Madison decides she wants to pay Zoe back for killing her attacker, so they roll up to the morgue where the bodies are being held to create the “perfect boyfriend” by combining a selection of the brothers’ body parts. Madison is, eerily, not at all fazed by the boys, even Kyle, who is literally in pieces. Zoe, though, is wide-eyed and teary and she just wants to go home. They go through with a resurrection spell stolen from Cordelia, which involves blood, smoke, and a lot of screaming. When the dust settles, Kyle is still dead. Nothing happens. Zoe wants one last moment with Kyle, so Madison waits outside. Someone pulls up, though, and Madison peels off. A man walks in, and just as he turns to look at Zoe after discovering the spell scene, Kyle rises and (awkwardly) beats him down. Misty, seemingly summoned by the spell, appears outside.

Meanwhile, Fiona visits a salon owned by Marie Laveaux, who definitely does not look 200 years old. They each know who the other it, and Fiona wants what Marie has: eternal youth. She has something Marie wants, presumably Delphine.  Fiona asks for it, though, after saying white witches are the hammer to the black witches’ nail. Marie, though, lets he know she has it all wrong. While Fiona is gone, Nan releases Delphine, whose thoughts are too much for her to handle. Queenie goes to investigate but is knocked out cold by Delphine, who thinks she’s a slave.

Zoe drives Kyle – to where, exactly? – who is struggling with his new limbs and has yet to utter a sound that isn’t a grunt. His movements are strained, and he has no control over his body. Enter Misty, who takes them to her cabin, where Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” plays on the radio. Stevie Nicks is her idol, she says. She’s an actual witch, which I think might be my favorite thing I’ve seen on this show so far. Anyway, Misty covers Kyle’s wounds with some sort of paste and promises to heal him. She instructs Zoe to return in a few days.

The episode ends with present-day versions Marie, Delphine, and even one of her grisly creations. The Minotaur man, Marie’s lover, is still alive, and they’re going to get their revenge. Delphine, meanwhile, doesn’t like how she’s remembered, which is really something, and she just wants to die. Fiona, rightfully, has no sympathy.

Other thoughts:

  • We get a little history about Queenie in a flashback from about a year ago. She worked as a manager at a Detroit fried chicken restaurant, and we meet her mid-argument with a male customer who says he was one piece of chicken short. Queenie, a math buff, knows she counted right and sticks her arm in hot frying oil – human voodoo doll, remember? – to get back at him. Newspapers reported she threw oil on him despite a lack of witnesses, but Cordelia read about it and knew better. Queenie didn’t know there were other black witches. It turns out she’s an heir to Tituba, a key figure in the Salem Witch Trials. Loved that.
  • “Did we just marry the devil? Because I don’t know if I’m down with that.”
  • Cordelia is having fertility issues. Her husband Hank wants her to use her powers to help her get pregnant, but she doesn’t want to end up like her mother, power-hungry and too dependent on her abilities. “I don’t want to play God,” she said, in the scene immediately following Madison and Zoe attempting to to just that. Cordelia is such an interesting foil to Fiona and even Madison, and Zoe seems like she could be swayed either way.
  • Delphine had no idea how long she was buried. After she was poisoned, she left her house, only to be faced with Marie Laveaux and her own little army. Delphine’s entire family has been hung, and she learns that Marie’s potion wasn’t meant to kill her; it was meant to keep her alive forever, alone and sealed beneath the Earth until the end of time – and beyond.
  • Patti LuPone next week! FINALLY. If she and Stevie Nicks appear onscreen together at all during the course of this show, I will, without question, lose my shit.

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