‘The Walking Dead’: “Isolated” Recap

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, started off with a punch. Literally. Fans gasped as our precious Daryl was attacked by the comic book favorite Tyreese. The most important part of this scene was how Rick reacted. He started punching Tyreese, it was similar to how Shane beat up Carol’s ex-husband: unrestricted and superfluous. Could this be Rick breaking free from his cop past?

If there is one thing that The Walking Dead is good at, it’s drawing things out. In the second season, it took seven episodes to find Sophia. What I’m glad that they didn’t draw out is who burned two people who were infected. Rick did some detective work and approached Carol at the end of the episode. She came clean with little hesitation. Wait, the woman who was abused by her husband and lost her only child did this?

I don’t think Carol has the stones to actually kill and burn two people, even if it was to help prevent the spread of disease. Last week, Carol “adopted” two sisters Lizzie and Mika. Mika mentioned that her older sister was “messed up”. They could be the TV interpretation of Ben and Billy, two twins from the comic books. Ben had become influenced by the apocalypse in a terrible way and killed his twin brother. He was convinced that he would come back because he didn’t “hurt his brains”. Now, it is possible that Lizzie is responsible since Carol gave her a knife in last week’s episode. It makes more sense, to me, that Carol would cover up for Lizzie rather than actually kill people.

The episode really included drama. Everyone is panicking about the infection. Since nobody knows how it’s spread, everyone is being quarantined and avoiding contact. I really like how everything is building. Hopefully, we will get an answer about the disease because now Glenn is infected. He cannot die. Not this early in the season.

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