‘The Walking Dead’: “Indifference” Recap

In last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, we finally got to get out of the prison. Since Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob were taking too long to get medicine, Rick and Carol decided to make a trip of their own. This would have been a great opportunity for Rick to lecture Carol about killing two innocent people, but he didn’t bring it up. Instead he did something a little bit sneakier, he observed.

While scavenging for medicine, Carol and Rick ran into some hippie couple that I don’t remember their names. It’s not important because they lasted 20 minutes anyway. Since Carol didn’t even bat an eyelash when they died, it was obvious that Carol has changed drastically. The old Carol would have expressed some remorse instead of convincing Rick to go back to the prison. Rick made an executive decision and exiled Carol from the group. Not only is he afraid of having her around his children, he’s afraid that Tyreese will kill Carol when he finds out she killed his girlfriend Karen. This is the best scenario since Rick is giving Carol a chance to start over again.

After being derailed by a gigantic horde of walkers, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob have to go on foot to get antibiotics. Where they do nothing more than to figure out Bob’s deal because it’s the fourth episode and the audience has no idea who he is. He admits that he’s a loner because he was the last one standing in previous groups. He then comes clean about his alcoholism that inadvertently killed Zach in the first episode. Which everyone is okay with, until Bob clings onto his bag for dear life instead of dropping it into the crowd of walkers. He reveals that he was stashing a bottle of liquor instead of medicine. To top it all off, he threatens to shoot Daryl for putting the bottle in danger. This leads to Daryl doing some purely animalistic, alpha-dog head butting with Bob. It’s awkward, but goes to show how primal everyone is becoming.

As it was mentioned last week, Carol’s “daughter” Lizzie is starting to become eerily similar to the comic book character Ben. Ben’s downfall was that he didn’t understand that the walker’s aren’t people. Lizzie is starting to exhibit those thoughts as well. Since the beginning, she’s had an odd fascination with them. Anyone who has read the comics may know that Carl may have to make a difficult decision, which is even more of a problem now that Rick is against killing people.

A lot of fans, myself included, are a little put off by how the hippie couple was killed. The woman’s leg was cleanly cut off and one of them is missing. We have to guess that it is probably the guy since the girl is currently missing part of her leg. There wasn’t a close up of who was being eaten, but it was assumed to be the girl. Before they separated, Rick gave them a gun, so they could shoot off a warning. Why didn’t they use it when walkers attacked them? Maybe because they were attacked by something living, like The Governor.

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