‘Sleepy Hollow’: “Sin Eater” Recap

After three brutal weeks, Sleepy Hollow galloped straight into our hearts. “Sin Eater” was so heartfelt that you could practically hear Ichabbie shippers furiously typing fan fictions before the credits rolled. We also were introduced to Fringe star John Noble as the titular “Sin Eater.” He played a small role but I hope to see more of him throughout the series.

In the previous episode, we saw how Abbie reacted to Ichabod being infected with a deadly disease. This week, we saw him within moments of death. Since Ichabod’s bloodline is crossed with the Headless Horseman, the only way to stop him is for Ichabod to sacrifice himself. If one of them dies, so does the other. Even though Abbie pleads with Ichabod not to drink the poison that Franklyn from True Blood gave him, he drinks it anyway. It’s not like their fates are entwined for the next seven years or anything.

Luckily, John Noble comes to the rescue. His abilities as the Sin Eater, aside from eating sins, can apparently get rid of the poison in Ichabod’s system. This “sin” that Ichabod had committed is what The Headless Horseman is feeding off of, so absolving the sin would break the bond between them. Allowing Ichabod to live if the horseman dies. It wasn’t really a sin, but an overwhelming guilt that he felt over the death of a freed slave.

“Sin Eater” delivered fans a heap of Ichabod’s back-story. We learned why he switched from a red coat to a patriot. He didn’t need a lot of convincing to become a patriot after he saw that his leader was actually a demon. Also, Katrina got to him to listen to his conscience after knowing her for 30 seconds. What really solidified his decision after he let the freed slave, Arthur Bernard, run free after being convicted of treason was that his demon superior shot him anyway. Ichabod felt that Bernard’s blood was on his hands because he should have freed him sooner. Bernard appears to Ichabod and tells him to forgive himself. Last time I checked, feeling guilty for something you didn’t do does not constitute as a sin.

Instead of Katrina coming to Ichabod, we saw her directly contact Abbie. Probably during the worst time since Abbie was driving. Instead of singing an awesome “The Boy is Mine” duet, Katrina admitted that the bond between Abbie and Ichabod is strong. They haven’t known each other for very long, and yet she admitted that he gave her life a purpose. A purpose that she was going to find with Ichabod.  She could be talking about riding the world of demons, or talking about a relationship or both. We all know where this is going. We saw Ichabod being sanctified from his sins, now let’s see something else get sanctified.

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