‘The Walking Dead’: “Internment” Recap

Last night on The Walking Dead, things started to hit the fan. We not only got to see a rise of the problem inside the prison, but also outside. While Maggie helped clear out the people who had turned in the sick ward, Rick and Carl had to clear out the hundreds of walkers that took down the fences. Luckily, at the eleventh hour, Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese, and Bob came back with medicine from the veterinarian school. Thank goodness, because Glenn wasn’t going to last much longer. Hopefully, this solves the “virus” problem. Although, they haven’t figured out how the virus is spread.

In “Internment,” we got to see how much characters have changed. First, Carl has stopped being a little snot and does what he is told, like staying in that one hallway. Also, Rick lets him fight walkers together instead of sending him away on a “mission” to “protect” the prison when in reality Rick is just trying to keep Carl safe. It was a really sweet buddy cop moment when they were fighting walkers together. All it needed was some heavy synthesizer music and a cheesy catchphrase. I guess the cheesy catchphrase could be when Rick decides to go farming with Carl to avoid telling Daryl about exiling Carol. They share a peapod together which actually means “we’re just two peas in the same pod.”

We got to see how much Hershel has changed. He put the sheet over one of the patients who had just died so he didn’t see his face when he killed him. This just shows how far he has come from that man whom horded walkers in his barn instead of killing them. He also seems to have started to lose his religion. At the end of the episode, he sits down to read the bible, puts it down and starts sobbing. Now it’s not clear that his faith is starting to falter, but that’s what it seemed like.

Lizzie is continuing to be the stereotypical creepy child, although this week it was toned down. I’m not very convinced that she’s sick, considering how she’s just had a cough for the last couple of episodes. She started to lure a walker away from Glenn, which was nice until you find out that she thought that walker obeyed Glenn. Then she started rubbing her foot in Glenn’s blood. She makes us wonder, “what is she doing?”

The biggest moment of last night’s episode was the return of The Governor. He appeared in the last few seconds of the episode so there aren’t many developments. We saw him standing outside the outer fence of the prison looking at Rick and Carl. Now is the time to send Carl back into that hallway. Since Carol was exiled instead of executed, she can still come back. I just hope The Governor doesn’t harm Carol or use her to get to Daryl or the group. With Carol on the loose and the reemergence of The Governor, this means all signs point to “not good”.

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