‘Dancing With The Stars’: Who Leaves Next?

It’s hard to believe that nine weeks ago, Dancing With the Stars kicked off its 17th season and now the show is almost coming to an end. The contestants are really feeling the pressure of week nine because they need to learn and perform two full dances. After Brant’s elimination last week, who is going to be the next to leave the competition this week?

Amber Riley’s first performance was the fast paced quickstep. Even though Amber is still pulling through a knee injury, she is still in it to win it. The choreography was not only technical, but fun to watch. Bruno calls her “dazzling,” but he and the other judges feel Amber has a few more things to work on. Amber got all 8s across the board giving her a total for round one of 24/30.

Leah Remini’s first dance was the tango. Even though the judges praised her on her tango, I wasn’t impressed at all. There weren’t any memorable moments and she just felt very stiff in her footwork. Len liked how Leah brought flavor. Bruno thought the dance “was a badass proper tango.”  The judges all agreed and gave Leah 9s across the board for a total of 27/30.

Corbin Bleu’s first dance was the waltz. The dance was beautiful to watch. Corbin and Karina made the dance seem like a true fairytale. His grace is truly making him a strong contender for the mirror ball trophy. Carrie Ann, as did I, fell in love with this performance. It was dreamy, enchanting, and even breathtaking as some judges pointed out. Carrie Ann and Len gave Corbin a 9, but Bruno gave a 10 for a score of 28/30.

Jack Osbourne’s Viennese waltz truly brought the elegance and beauty last night. His framework and fluidity was on point and the judges loved it. Carrie Ann said it best “it’s amazing.” Whether Jack wants to believe it or not, he is a great ballroom dancer. He continues to surprise everyone week after week. Carrie Ann and Len gave Jack 10s but Bruno gave a 9. Jack received a 29/30 for round one.

Bill Engvall must have been happy to be performing the Charleston because his dance showcased a lot of comedy. Even though he was off timing, he still seemed to be having  fun performing. Bruno mentions week after week that he’s off timing. Len said the dance wasn’t good. The judges gave Bill all 7s, totaling a 21/30.

Elizabeth Berkley also performed the Viennese Waltz and the storytelling she and her dance partner, Val, did was beautiful. Their lines were graceful and you can feel the emotion being radiated from the two dancers. Len told Elizabeth “that she is his top dancer.” Even though last week wasn’t her best week, she truly made up for it last night with this dance. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave 9s. Len gave an 8 for total of 26/30.

After round one’s scores, contestants then had to perform a trio dance by bringing in another professional dancer to the mix.

Amber Riley and her partner Derek chose Mark for their salsa number. She was very good with the footwork even with the knee injury. Week after week she pulls through as if this were her last dance. Carrie Ann calls the trio “the dream team,” which they are because Derek and Mark have both won the mirror ball championship before. They got 9s across the board, totaling a 27/30 for round two.

Leah Remini and her partner Tony asked Henry for help with the jive number. Leah portrayed Carrie Ann, Henry as Len, and Tony as Bruno. They dance to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” It was so much fun to watch.  The dancers truly embodied the characters and it was a nice little parody. The judges  a standing ovation for that performance. Bruno said “that was the most witty dance routine I have seen in a long time.” The judges gave 9s across the board. Leah received a 27/30 for round two.

Corbin Bleu and his partner Karina asked Whitney from the dance troupe to help out with their jazz routine. The dance was very technical driven and truly brought the energy within the dance. This was Corbin’s dance. You couldn’t even tell the other girls were there. Carrie Ann stands up and says “that was the best routine I have seen in 17 seasons of Dancing With The Stars.” She apologizes to the girls for not seeing them at all. Corbin got all 10s this round for a perfect score of 30/30.

Jack Osbourne and his partner Cheryl chose Sharna for their Jungle Book samba. Cheryl and Sharna have similar teaching styles, which is great and it turned out to be a clever dance number.  Compared to round one, this wasn’t his best dance performance. Carrie Ann and Len gave 8s, but Bruno gave a 9 for a 25/30.

Bill Engvall and his partner Emma chose Peta for the salsa. Bill dressed liked Willy Wonka and the girls dressed like Katy Perry wannabes. As Emma said “it’s a sweet candy threesome.” Not only did it have tricks, but it was fun to watch. Carrie Ann said “you are living every man’s fantasy.” Bruno called it “Willy Wonka and the babes factory.” Bill still received 7s across the board, totaling a score of 21/30.

Elizabeth Berkley and her partner Val chose Gleb for their salsa routine as well. Elizabeth owned that dance from jumping to guy to guy in a flawless way for a trio routine. It was more so a ping pong match, seeing where she was going to go next. Len was certainly right, she was the human Frisbee. She did it all with ease and it looked so simple. Elizabeth got 10s across the board for a 30/30.

Bill and Emma once again were in the bottom two, but so were Elizabeth and Val, who had just received a perfect 30. Sadly, with the low number of fan votes, Elizabeth and Val were the next to go. Everyone was shocked. First was Christina, then Nicole, now this. I’m surprised Bill has been here for this long. He’s just been skating by, but the fan votes seem to help him out a lot. Week after week this happens and someone with great scores goes home. You really don’t know what to expect at this point in the game.

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