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‘Sleepy Hollow’: “Sin Eater” Recap

After three brutal weeks, Sleepy Hollow galloped straight into our hearts. “Sin Eater” was so heartfelt that you could practically hear Ichabbie shippers furiously typing fan fictions before the credits rolled. We also were introduced to Fringe star John Noble as the titular “Sin Eater.” He played a small role but I hope to see more of him throughout the series.

In the previous episode, we saw how Abbie reacted to Ichabod being infected with a deadly disease. This week, we saw him within moments of death. Since Ichabod’s bloodline is crossed with the Headless Horseman, the only way to stop him is for Ichabod to sacrifice himself. If one of them dies, so does the other. Even though Abbie pleads with Ichabod not to drink the poison that Franklyn from True Blood gave him, he drinks it anyway. It’s not like their fates are entwined for the next seven years or anything.

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‘Sleepy Hollow’: “John Doe” Recap

It seems like Sleepy Hollow is taking a break from their usual “demon of the week” story lines. They are also taking a three-week break to give way for The World Series. Instead of fighting a demon, they are continuing to keep Horsemen from entering. This week they had to combat something completely new: infectious diseases.

This week’s episode titled “John Doe,” had Ichabod and Abbie fighting one of the other horsemen of the apocalypse: Pestilence. Only for about ten seconds, for the entirety of the episode was dedicated to figuring out the whole disease situation. In the beginning, a boy in Renaissance clothing collapses in the middle of town. He is infected with some type of disease that causes his veins to blacken.

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Sleepy Hollow: “The Lesser Key of Solomon” Recap

This week, Sleepy Hollow took a break from fighting demons and delved into another topic: humans can be just as scary as demons. Especially, when they are Hessian soldiers whose sole purpose is to release the demons from Hell, including the demon that the show has been teasing for the last 3 episodes. He finally got a name: Moloch. He is the demon that Abbie and Jenny saw in the woods and he is responsible for killing John Cho’s character, Andy Dunn. Well, the first time Andy Dunn died.

Last night’s episode focused more on the strained relationship between Abbie and her sister Jenny. Their constant bickering  with Ichabod scolding them makes for great bits of comedy. Lets hope they don’t keep this up, or else it will get very annoying very fast. Since Abbie is making a huge effort to prove how sorry she is for betraying Jenny, I think their bickering will be very minimal. Which is great, since Jenny agreed to help Ichabod and Abbie fight demons.

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Sleepy Hollow Makes You Sleep With One Eye Open

After Sleepy Hollow’s strong pilot and terrible second episode, its third episode could either make or break the series. If it continued on with the second episode’s cheesy subplot, obvious Chekhov’s guns and just downright outrageousness; then the show would have to be buried. Luckily, the third episode titled “For the Triumph of Evil…” was a vast improvement over last week’s disaster. This has to do with removing the whole zombie John Cho story line and finally gathering some materials to make an Ichabod/Abbie ship.

This week, Ichabod and Abbie had to fight a demon called “The Sandman,” who like Freddy Krueger, attacks people in their sleep. Instead of actually fighting you, he makes each person relive their sins so they willingly kill themselves. Unfortunately, Abbie is on The Sandman’s hitlist for what she did to her sister, Jenny. Jenny had told the police that she had seen a demon in the woods. Abbie lied and said that she didn’t see anything, thus betraying her sister and forcing her into an institution.

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(Mostly) Spoiler Free Review of ‘Sleepy Hollow’

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short story written by Washington Irving. It has been around for over 200 years and it inspired many adaptations, including the 1999 Tim Burton film. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve at least heard of it or know the story. Except the people in Sleepy Hollow, the new show that premiered last night on Fox, have no idea of the legendary tale that is coming to life. Now, I didn’t have high expectations for this show because it sounded far-fetched. Like the classic story, Ichabod Crane fights the Headless Horseman. Except, this show takes place in the 21st century and Crane and the Headless Horseman are from 1781. That must have been one hell of a pitch to get this show greenlit.

Now, the show was not as bad as I had expected. It answered a lot of questions in the first episode, such as why Ichabod is British despite fighting the Red Coats in the opening scene and how The Headless Horseman and him aren’t dead. Although, it didn’t answer how Ichabod woke up shirtless and then came across a shirt after he was arrested for, presumably, running in the middle of the street. The latter one could be explained in a future episode, though.

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