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Sleepy Hollow: “The Lesser Key of Solomon” Recap

This week, Sleepy Hollow took a break from fighting demons and delved into another topic: humans can be just as scary as demons. Especially, when they are Hessian soldiers whose sole purpose is to release the demons from Hell, including the demon that the show has been teasing for the last 3 episodes. He finally got a name: Moloch. He is the demon that Abbie and Jenny saw in the woods and he is responsible for killing John Cho’s character, Andy Dunn. Well, the first time Andy Dunn died.

Last night’s episode focused more on the strained relationship between Abbie and her sister Jenny. Their constant bickering  with Ichabod scolding them makes for great bits of comedy. Lets hope they don’t keep this up, or else it will get very annoying very fast. Since Abbie is making a huge effort to prove how sorry she is for betraying Jenny, I think their bickering will be very minimal. Which is great, since Jenny agreed to help Ichabod and Abbie fight demons.

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