‘Sleepy Hollow’: “Necromancer” Recap

It seems that another ship set sail in Monday’s episode of Sleepy Hollow. Abbie’s sister, Jenny, was released from the mental institution and began working with Captain Irving. Fans voted for the ship name to be “Mr. and Mrs. BAMF,” but I think it should be something along the lines of Jirving. This is not going to distract fans from the favorite “Ichabbie” ship as the writers continue to tease us with all of the “will they, won’t they” tension. Thousands of fans cried out in delight as Abbie implied that candle light was romantic, to which Ichabod practically blushed and seemed to agree with that statement. Seriously, writers, you’re killing us.

After Irving was attacked by Headless last week, he has been more accepting of the whole folklore that the characters are thrown into. Which is great because he’ll automatically believe Jenny, since no one has believed her for her whole life. Now that Jenny is out of the hospital, she needs to be with people to take her seriously. Irving is no longer skeptical, he’ll never second-guess Jenny or use her mental health as an excuse to not trust her. If their relationship does develop, it will probably happen before Ichabod and Abbie do anything since both of them are single. Although, Irving might rue his decision to date Jenny if she isn’t into kids.

Last night, we find out why the Headless Horseman has it out for Ichabod as well as why Katrina is stuck in purgatory. Before Ichabod and Katrina were “Ichatrina,” she was engaged to another man. Since it is an arranged marriage and Katrina is more of a “follow your heart” kind of gal, she calls off the wedding to be with Ichabod. This upsets her ex-fiancé, Abraham, because he and Ichabod are friends. This happens before Abraham and Ichabod are to deliver a draft of the Constitution. They are attacked in the woods while Abraham and Ichabod are dueling over Katrina. Abraham is wounded, forcing Ichabod to flee with the draft. Before Abraham dies, he sells his soul to Mulloch and becomes the Headless Horseman. Well, the not-yet-Headless Horseman. If the Headless Horseman is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, death, did nobody die before 1775? Anyway, Ichabod concludes that Katrina is stuck in purgatory because of her and Headless’ prior engagement.

I am kind of getting frustrated with Katrina’s character. Not because she continues to get in the way of Abbie and Ichabod getting together, it’s because she’s merely a plot device. She is constantly used to move the story forward. For example, Abbie didn’t know that the Masons had taken Ichabod. She finds out because Katrina comes to her. Whenever Ichabod and/or Abbie need to know something important, Katrina is the one to let them know. Her character isn’t well developed, which means she is most likely not going to last very long.

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