‘The Biggest Loser’: Remember Who You Are

The 15th season of The Biggest Loser is in it’s sixth week and we continue to see that the contestants’ hard work pays off. While Reuben Studdard did return to the ranch this week, the episode started with Alison Sweeney leaving the contestants DVDs and a card that said “Remember Who You Are.” This was an opportunity for the contestants to view their old selves and reflect on the actions that sent them to The Biggest Loser Ranch, which was a wake up call for many of the contestants. Quite frankly, the contestants don’t want to be that person anymore and most of them have changed significantly.

After a shocking revelation last week involving Jillian Michaels giving caffeine supplements to her players the week before without doctor’s permission, the weigh in was invalidated and Reuben Studdard was allowed to return to the ranch. He was grateful for the second chance to change his life. It was also clear the contestants missed him. Tanya and the rest of the red team agreed that “Reuben has a way of lifting everyone up.” Reuben’s return boosted the moral of the red team. They felt that the family was back together.

Even though the red team was thrilled, the white team wasn’t that lucky. Jillian sat down with her teammates and apologized for her actions. She’s the reason only three people remain on her team. Jilllian continues to reassure her teammates that they did nothing wrong and that her plan backfired, resulting in her team being used as “collateral damage.”

Once the team finished discussing last week, Alison announced that for the next challenge the teams would have to take balls, run 250 feet, catapult the balls over a ravine to a teammate on the other side, who would then have bounce the ball on a trampoline into a one, two, or three point goal. The first team to thirty points won $1,000 for each member. Since the white team only had three members, two members of the red and blue team needed to sit out for this challenge. The red team had no trouble with the challenge because David quickly found the necessary rhythm. He did what he was told and won the challenge for his team.

Of course, The Biggest Loser ends with a weigh in. The blue team was the first to weigh in. As a group, they lost a total of 27 pounds. Bob wasn’t impressed and felt his team could have done a lot better. Next on the scale was the white team, which needed to have lost more than 13 pounds to stay in the competition. The white team easily surpassed that with a loss of 22 pounds. Eleven of those were from Tumi alone. The red team needed to lose more than 26 pounds. At first, it looked like they would be going home, but again David saved the day by losing 17 pounds, giving his team combined total of 36 pounds for the week.

Since the white and red team met their goals, the blue team was up for elimination. Bob admitted he thought he was saving his trainer save for Chelsea, but her totals proved that she didn’t need it. Matt lost the lowest percentage of weight, so he would have been going home. Not surprisingly, Bob saved Matt, which means that from this point on someone will be eliminated each week on The Biggest Loser.

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