Glee’s Billy Joel Tribute

After last week’s twerking craze, Billy Joel is probably the best thing for getting back on track. The Billy Joel songs chosen throughout the episode complimented the story line and didn’t seem like a forced attempt to seem cool. Last night, the show was about the characters’  joys and fears of the future.

The episode starts with Sam and Blaine heading to New York to visit Rachel, Kurt and Santana in hopes for career advice. They believe that “New York is the city where dreams come true.” Blaine hopes to get into NYADA and Sam at Hunter University. Sam hopes that his impressions and his Channing Tatum Male Stripper Scholarship award will come in handy in the long run. Ever since, Sam was a young kid, his dream job was to become a male model  because he was not a good student. Since Hunter University was a no go, Sam decides to pursue his modeling dream by meeting  up with a tough talent agency named “Bichette.” Bichette, played by none other than Tyra Banks, gives Sam a harsh reality of what it takes to make it into the industry.

While some characters are excited for change, others, such as Becky, need to be convinced change is a good thing. Artie, Becky’s friend, takes her to The University of Cincinnati, which is a school for students who face disabilities and challenges. Initially, Becky doesn’t want to go to college because she is afraid of change. She thinks people will continue to make fun of her for her Down Syndrome, which led to her to bringing a gun to school last season. Sue Sylvester, who has taken Becky under her wing, admits that she is afraid to let Becky go. She feels that Becky still isn’t ready to go off into the real world. Ideally, Sue would rather have Becky stay with her and continue to be her secretary because she feels Becky would be in a safe and stable environment that she’s used to. However, once Becky does visit, she learns that going to college is awesome.

Hearing Billy Joel’s lyrics come to life is beautiful to watch.  Each song helped bring the story line and the characters to life. Jake sings the song “My Life” because he doesn’t care about going back to  his womanizing ways. He cheated on Marley and continues to try winning her back with roses.  The song  Artie sings to Becky is called “Honesty.” After seeing this episode, Glee is starting to look decent. It’s certainly heading in the right direction.

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