‘Glee’: “The Puppet Master”

Glee was one of the few shows that aired a new episode on Thanksgiving. If you thought the tryptophan was getting to you or you had too many glasses of wine at dinner, fear not. It was probably  “The Puppet Master,” which is Glee‘s trippiest episode to date. “The Puppet Master” had fantasy sequences and puppets that looked liked the characters.

The episode mainly revolved around Blaine, who is considered to be the puppet master of the New Directions. He doesn’t realize how controlling he is, but the other glee club members can see it. The glee club feels they don’t get a say in any of the decision making process because it’s all about Blaine’s ideas. This is not a democracy in the rest of the clubs eyes. Tina goes as far as to compare the glee club to North Korea. However, Blane feels that no one is appreciating his leadership skills. After sitting in the back corner of the choir room, Blaine starts falling asleep and begins dreaming of the casts’ puppet counterparts. As if this was a Sesame Street episode, Blaine sings “You’re My Best Friend” with the puppets.  Seriously, why can’t Glee just grow up? If anything, Glee should have used the puppets for Avenue Q songs. Avenue Q is meant to be a puppet show for adults.

It’s sad to say, but Blaine’s becoming the new Rachel Berry. Rachel was a very prominent character throughout the show, but has been kind of hidden in the background lately. Rachel and Blaine are the kind of characters you love to hate  because everything revolves around them. It makes them sound even more selfish than they are. Quite frankly, the show shouldn’t be called Glee anymore cause Blaine has been taking over. It should be called now “The Blaine Anderson Show,” just like it used to feel like “The Rachel Berry Show.”

Not only is Blaine taking over the New Directions, but Sue Sylvester is hoping to take over McKinley High permanently. In order to become principal, she needs to get evaluated by the school board along with the Superintendent. She tells the superintendent that “she was born to be in charge.” Superintendent Harris asks her out for a beer and refers to Sue as a dude, which Sue finds offensive. She asks Becky if she looks masculine and Becky says “you can wear a skirt every now and then.” Sue tells Becky that she use to wear skirts and long hair during the 80s, but when she put on the tracksuit everyone was intimidated and that the “the world bowed before her.”

Then the episode got even crazier, Jake tries teaching the Cheerios to dance while the dancers continue to flirt with him. Bree who has had some history with Jake becomes jealous of his promiscuity. Jake’s ex, Marley, feels that he’s being a “conceited jerk”  for not helping out the glee club. She mentions that “his dance movies are fine, not epic.” He sings a mash up of “Nasty and Rhythm Nation.” After sitting near the gas vent, janitor Figgins wakes Jake up by telling him the kids already left, which means that the performance never happened.

From raunchy to classy, Sue notices Will dancing in the classroom and she wants to talk to him about femininity. She admits to Will that she has a crush on Superintendent Harris. Sue also feels that he was flirting with her, but she doesn’t know. She wants to try acting more feminine and Will mentions that Ginger Rogers was the “pinnacle of femininity.”He teaches her that she can lead while dancing backwards. Will and Sue dance to “Cheek to Cheek.” Having the characters dance in black and white, made it obvious that the characters were channeling their inner Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire ensemble.

From nice romantic comedy comes a more serious topic. Bree tells Jake that she’s pregnant with his child. You can tell this story line has been done before because in season one Quinn became pregnant with Puck’s baby. However, later on, Bree tells Jake that she’s not pregnant anymore. Even though Jake is relieved, Bree feels that he will never change his promiscuous ways and calls him “toxic.” After the pregnancy scare Jake goes running back to Marley. After that rude awakening, Jake doesn’t want to be that bad guy anymore. He really does want to change and tells Marley how much he misses her. He feels that Marley was the best thing to have ever happened to him. Unfortunately, Marley only sees him as a good friend and doesn’t have the same feelings for him anymore.

If you thought this episode was weird, the last five minutes were very odd in general. As a peace offering, Blaine give a box to Kurt along with the other glee club students puppets of themselves and they sing “What Does the Fox Say.” Last week I was praising Glee for getting back on track with the Billy Joel tribute, but now it seems like it’s at another low.

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