‘The Walking Dead’: “Too Far Gone” Recap

The Walking Dead is finally going back to the comics for its midseason finale. For the last two weeks, we’ve seen what The Governor has been doing since we last saw him, which has basically been to find a new group to lead. The episode starts out with The Governor lying about how Rick’s group is made up of horrible people. He quickly convinces the group to kill them in order to take over the prison. They don’t question him and blindly follow him to absolute destruction, which really shows that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

During the last two weeks, it seemed like The Governor had changed. He was caring for two women, Lilly and Tara along with Lilly’s daughter Meghan. The Governor was very paternal toward Meghan, not only because he’s “dating” Lilly but because Meghan is kind of like a replacement for his late daughter Penny. Meghan certainly saw The Governor as a father figure, even going as far as drawing an eye-patch on to a king piece from her chess set. It was her little way of showing how important piece of her life. It wasn’t until after her death that fans were certain that the Governor that we all know was back when he showed no remorse as he prevented her reanimation.

Where this episode really got back to the comic series was during The Governor’s last stand. Although there were slight changes, for example who he uses as a pawn to get Rick to meet his terms. Hershel took the place of what would have been Tyreese in the comics. In Hershel’s final moments, he smiles at Rick as he uses Hershel’s advice from this season’s first episode to reason with The Governor. He has already made up his mind and The Governor brutally kills Hershel.

It was at this point in the comics where The Governor dies in almost a similar way. Lilly shoots Lori, Judith, and realizing that The Governor has made her evil, The Governor in the head. While Judith is presumed dead in the show and Lilly did kill The Governor, Michonne did have a hand in his death as well. Michonne stabbed him and left him to be eaten by walkers, which would have been a fitting death. Instead, Lilly insured his death, which was signified by a walker stepping on the one-eyed king chess piece.

Now that the prison has fallen, the group has been split up. Which means that the rest of this season will be spent on them finding each other and hopefully making their way to Alexandria. There is a chance that someone might run into Carol hopefully it isn’t Tyreese. Then again, they did have a relationship in the comics. Since she killed his girlfriend, I doubt they will have any kind of amicable relationship. Unless I am right about Lizzie and her morbid curiosity toward the walkers, we still didn’t learn who had been feeding the walkers and had dissected the rat. Hopefully, we will find this out when the show returns in February.

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