‘The Biggest Loser’ Sends Two Contestants Home

At the weigh-in, affter Holley Mangold’s heartbreaking elimination, Alison Sweeney told the teams during that one more person will be going home. That person will get to go home and workout with their trainer. A wheel determined who would go home. Jay hoped the wheel lands on him because he’s been feeling homesick lately. When it does land on him, he’s excited, but Jillian was pissed off because she’s leaving her other teammates behind.

Once they left the ranch, Jillian saw Jay’s home state of Missouri and connected with him on a whole different level. She wanted to see what makes him tick and what makes him so special. Not only is losing weight hard physically, but also mentally. He already lost 78 pounds, but had to make some sacrifices. Jillian fears that going home won’t be good for him, especially since  Jay’s weight was the determining factor on whether the white team stays for another week.  In 100 degree heat, Jillian had Jay running around in the barn doing intense workout regiments. It’s a great tool to use because it provided an alternative to the gym.

Dolvett’s goal was for his team of five to rediscover their inner athlete. Dolvett talked to Reuben and gave him a little motivation in the form of Reuben’s high school football jersey. Later on, Dolvett took Rachel to the swimming pool, so she could face her fears of getting back into competition mode. Rachel, who “has been the biggest loser in the house” lately, was once a three-time state champion competitive swimmer. She had countless scholarship offers, but didn’t go to college at the time because of a boy. Ever since the bad breakup,  she’s been gaining wait and has been afraid to wear a bathing suit. At the pool, Rachel was getting emotional because she points out “it’s been six years since I’ve been in a competitive pool.”

Since the white team had no trainer, everyone expected the two remaining members would have to exercise by themselves. However, Bob decided to have them exercise with his team. “I don’t care what shirt you are in, we all work together,” he pointed out. It’s not about the competition. It’s really about getting the contestants lives back on track.

The biggest losers for this week were Bobby (blue team) and Jay (white team), who both lost a total of 12 pounds this week. The white team was glad that Jay’s weight-loss counted for everyone because he single-handedly saved the team. They are safe from elimination and can stay for another week. On the blue team, there seemed to be a little bit of tension between Hap and Bobby. Hap is baffled with Bobby because he appears to not try very hard, yet puts up big numbers every week. Hap tries his hardest, yet loses much smaller numbers. After finding out he lost two pounds for this week, Hap laughed.  He doesn’t want to be continuously saved by Bobby. Hap wants to pull his own weight. (No pun intended.)

The red team lost the least amount of weight, meaning that they where up for elimination again. Reuben once again fell below the red line. He was eliminated from the ranch for the second time. After losing 70 pounds at the ranch, it’s now up to him to continue the process.

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