‘Misfits’: A (Slightly More Than) Mid-Season Lead Up

All great things must come to an end and in two episodes, so will Britains’ Channel 4’s Misfits. For the past four (and slightly more than) a half seasons, Misfits has centered around a group of young English community service workers in a town where a freak storm gave many of the citizens ‘special’ powers. In typical superpower fashion, accidents sparked powers sparked ideas sparked battles of good vs evil – the subtlety of which is what sets this show apart from powerhouse superheroes like The Avengers, or even their adolescent attempt at a series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There is no city-wide destruction or mass casualties, just barebones hero work- maybe a little destruction- and a few casualties. That may sound boring because we’d all rather watch some costumed mastermind shoot laser beams through the clock face of Big Ben, while some super-strengthed glob knocks over the London Eye, Misfits operates in a small town seemingly devoid of any contact to outside England. It’s because of this reclusiveness that Misfits writers focus more on creatively dark, yet humorous storytelling turning Misfits into some sort of situational dramedy melting pot with ever soapy ‘will-they-won’t-they’ relationships, nearly unbelievable sci-fi and horror storylines, and a homegrown sense of action and mystery.

Season five picks up right where four left off, with Alex being rushed into surgery after being attacked by The Four Horsemen. After a successful lung transplant, the gang heads back to the community center to face a Boy Scout-esque group of satanists, which in no short way, leads to Alex testing his new power from the transplanted lung: the ability to screw a power out of someone. Yup. At the same time, in a seemingly more believable instance, Rudy Two (the polite half of Rudy) is given a jumper (sweater) from a woman who knits the future, while attending a super power support group. The jumper reveals what Rudy believes to be him and three other unknown ‘powered’ individuals ascending to actual Super Hero-dom and after all those average, every day events, the path of season five is set.

If that seems too hard to believe, the next few episodes see the gang dealing with age-swapping, life-sucking, gypsy curses, literal life-hacking, and homosexuality – yes, as a superpower – while Rudy Two continues his search for the knitted heroes. As the sweater heroes begin to fall into the story, the one serious question still remains: who is Mark the turtle?

With the final two episodes airing December 4th and 11th, it’s (barely) not too late to binge and catch up on the eight episode seasons which, as an English show, are only (legally) available for the American audience through Hulu. You probably don’t remember seeing them promoting the show, but they’ve carried it to our digital shores for over a year and now have every episode up for free in honor (I’m guessing.) of the series finale. If for absolutely no other reason than to see the stark difference of living between American and English twenty-somethings as portrayed on t.v…by actors…with superpowers, Misfits is worth checking out.

About Dan Attamante

North Jersian Film major with a minor in Writing and eight years in teaching screenwriting (because why not, money ain't everything...).

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