Glee’s “Previously Unaired Christmas”

If you thought last week’s episode was at an all time low, Glee puts it all out there for their Christmas episode. Glee not only has sexy elves costumes, but the show has sexist and racist remarks as well. The show certainly  wants to make a statement for the fall finale. However, those probably weren’t the things the writers wanted everyone talking about.

In this episode, Sue Syvlester holds a contest that has McKinley High students decorating a Christmas tree. The one rule is that it needs to be eco-friendly. The first place price is a plastic crystal angel “that a twelve year old Filipino made.” Tina and Sam are on the glee club’s decorating committee. Tina takes this contest very seriously because, as always, she wants it about her. Prom queen wasn’t enough.

While Tina continues to stress about the tree, Artie mentions that the nativity scene got defaced and vandalized.  The nativity scene gets  defaced with swastikas and the baby Jesus is even found in Figgins’ chimney. Figgins informs the glee club that he wants them to perform a live nativity scene. Coach Beiste wants Jake to play Joseph because “he is a tan Jew.”  All of the girls want to be the Virgin Mary, except Kitty. While all of the girls audition, Kitty sits this one out. Not only is she angry about the girls’ performance, but she doesn’t think “a Chinese person should play the Virgin Mary.” Marley corrects her with “I’m pretty sure she’s Korean.” Even though Kitty puts on a hard shell, she showcases her vulnerability in this episode. She tells Marley that she feels Marley doesn’t deserve to play the Virgin Mary because of her promiscuous ways.

As Lima is preparing for their nativity scene, the kids in New York decide to get a part-time jobs as Santa’s little helpers. Rachel asks Kurt and Santana for all their help because it would give them a ton of exposure. While Rachel feels she looks like a hooker elf, Santana is loving her sexy elf costume. Since Santa had a little too much to drink, Rachel decides that they need to perform some NYADA magic. Rachel, Kurt and Santana stall the young kids eagerly waiting to sit on Santa’s lap because they need a new Santa to take over. Instead, Santana plays a sexier Mrs. Claus, which the young kids love and so does one dad. It’s disturbing, even the moms at the mall were staring at that man in disbelief.

Since drunk Santa could not perform the task at hand, a new shirtless Santa hunk comes in, leaving Rachel, Kurt, and Santana speechless. Cody aka “sexy Claus” says he does all kinds of parties from birthdays all the way to bachelor/bachelorettes. Kurt tells Cody that he’s newly single and so do the others. They invite Cody over to their house for some dinner and eggnog. Cody takes a helium tank out of his bag. Rachel, Santana, and Kurt take a hit and then they sing like Alvin and the Chipmunks. It’s very cute and fun in a childlike way. Soon after, the girls notice that Kurt has been having a little too much fun with Santa. When the girls wake up from a bad hangover caused by too much eggnog, the girls notice their house was vandalized. Soon after, Rachel and Santana find Kurt bound, gagged, and role-playing as a reindeer. Santa is certainly not jolly. He is more like the Grinch.

The last five minutes of Glee was a performance of “Away in a Manger,” which made clear the real meaning of Christmas. Kitty tells the group she wants to play the Virgin Mary in the nativity scene because she wants the “beautiful story done right.” While Lima performs the nativity scene, Rachel gives Santana and Kurt another job opportunity as singers in a Christmas window in NYC.

After the  first eight episodes of this season, Glee happened to have a decent mid season finale. Knowing that this is a mid season finale, Glee knew they needed to keep people still tuned in, even if it means bringing back racist remarks to get the ball rolling. That being said, the show continues to have its highs and lows. It needs to get there act together quick. Glee is losing steam because no one is staying interested in the plots. So much has changed since season one. The show used to be fun and quirky with only a few plots. Now, it seems like everyone gets a plot now, which makes it all so confusing. The crew only has one more year or so to get it right, so hopefully they will leave a nice Glee legacy behind.

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