‘The Biggest Loser’: Using Your Fear as Fuel

After seeing Ruben fall below the red line, the red team needed to push themselves even harder in order to remain in the competition. Within the first five minutes, the contestants met up with Alison Sweeney at a diner for their next upcoming challenge. She told the groups that they needed to answer questions regarding obesity in the workplace. The losing team, which ended up being the white team, would have to work at the diner for an entire week in addition to finding time to work out as well.

While the red team and blue team were working hard at the gym, the white team was working hard at the diner. Jillian asked where everyone on the white team was and Bobby mentioned the challenge at dinner and how the white team lost. She was beyond furious and she never felt “so cursed in her entire life.” Jillian felt like this was a joke and that she was being punked. While Jillian needed to take a breather, Dolvett was there to fight for his team. His goal is to give his team members a winning attitude. The best advice he gave last night was to “use your fear as fuel.” Rachel, who has constantly been the biggest loser on the red team, pointed out that demons will always be with you, but you need to use that fear as a fuel for change.

Dolvett fights for each person and makes sure that everyone’s story must be heard. He arranged for Jennifer to talk to her daughter via Skype. Jenn’s daughter is nine years old and 70 pounds overweight. He decided that he was going to be her trainer as well. She was very excited.

As Dolvett continued to have heart to hearts, Bob was drilling his team to get more intense with the workouts. Hap’s low numbers on the scale were driving Bob crazy and he can’t figure out the reason why. He tells Hap that he needs to document every single thing he puts into his mouth. While the blue team continued to push, Bobby became lazy with the workout routine. He can’t do a forward roll and Bob says “even my six year old god son can do a forward roll.” Bobby who had been putting up high numbers on the scale for the last couple of weeks has been severely slacking.

After working hard in the diner, the white team found the time to work out with Jillian. Jillian’s routine needed to be intense, because they need to burn the calories off. “When you don’t have a lot of time to work out, you need to make the exercises more intense,” Jillian said. he white team also thought it would be a funny prank to bring home cookies for the other teams with a note saying “thought you might be starving.” The contestants were tempted, especially Matt and Hap. Matt was trying to calculate the calories, but Hap was continuously eyeballing them. Hap calls himself the cookie monster. Bobby wanted to throw out the cookies and put soap on it so that no one would eat it, but shortly after they found cookies on their pillows as well.

The biggest losers for this week were Hap and Tumi. Hap, who complained last week on getting a low number, lost a total of eleven pounds this week. It seems like Bob putting a little fire under him gave Hap a serious reality check. This week was a challenging week for Tumi because she had to balance work and exercise. However, she helped save her team from elimination by losing a total of nine pounds. No one expected it, not even Jillian. Jillian was prepared for the worst, but was amazed by her team’s progress. The blue team lost the weigh in, which caused Bobby to fall below the red line. After coming off of twelve pound loss last week, Bobby was not the biggest loser and was sent home.

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