“The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Review

Jimmy Fallon may have recently been voted most desirable celebrity neighbor because he’s so friendly, but last night’s The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made him seem stiff. To make matters worse, the special was too long. It clocked in at two hours and only contained brief segments of commentary from Jimmy. The majority of the special wasn’t new comedy. It was reshowing the old stuff. So when we weren’t relieving the last 5 years of Jimmy’s life, we saw a comedian out of his element saying “watch this cool/funny thing my crew and I did” and doing pratfalls in a desperate attempt to be funny.

Let’s be honest, Jimmy’s success isn’t because he’s the best late night host. Depending on your tastes, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, or Conan O’Brien is the best. Then again, there are tons of people who will argue no one will ever be better than Johnny Carson. However, Jimmy’s show works because it’s unusual nowadays. For the most part, it’s a talk show with a few Saturday Night Live style sketches that gets celebrities to loosen up. No one else would get Tom Cruise to crack eggs on his head or Bruce Springsteen to sing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair.”

The problem with the special is that about half the clips shown have been shown hundreds of times before. I’m not a FalPal, yet I’ve seen the Tom Cruise clip at least 10 times. Either NBC or Jimmy Fallon still mistake his schtick for novelty. When Jimmy first started it was novel, now it’s what we’ve come to expect from Jimmy. Some of Jimmy’s bits do deserve to be watched over and over again. Tebowie still cracks be up as does Jimmy’s Justin Bieber singing “It’s Not My Baby.” Downton Sixbey and Joking Bad are brilliant. Thank You Notes belongs as a recurring sketch because it always gets laughs, but Models and Buckets and the Wheel of Carpet samples are nothing more than televised party games. Are they amusing? Yes. Did they need to be included in the retrospective? Not really.

Unfortunately, The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t a celebration of the past 5 years. It was a two hour commercial for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. If it was truly about Late Night, NBC would’ve have taped a huge special in the Beacon Theater just like they did for Late Night with Conan O’Brien’s 10th Anniversary Special. In his special, Conan worked a crowd of adoring fans. Jimmy stared straight into a cold camera and had a hard time connecting with viewers at home because there was no audience in the studio. Also, it seemed like Jimmy didn’t even want to do the special. He has better things to do than look back on Late Night. Believe it or not, Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show in a month.

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