Food Network Gets “Rewrapped”

Rewrapped is another cooking competition from Food Network. This one is hosted by Joey Fatone, who is best known for being in ‘N Sync and not being Justin Timberlake. It also features Marc Summers, who really should be hosting the show, as a judge. Joey isn’t a terrible host. He’s just extremely high energy. Between the backdrop and Joey’s personality constantly on high, the show feels like it should be on Nickelodeon. If Joey dials himself back a little bit, the show will fit comfortably into its “kid in a candy store” vibe without being so in your face.

While Rewrapped is not original, it’s actually good.  The first round has three chefs recreate classic foods, such as Tastykake cherry pies and Goldfish Crackers. For the second round, the contestants have to use the snack food to make a dish. The premise is simple, but sometimes formats shouldn’t be mess with. The only difference from most Food Network shows is that the contestants are scored from 1 to 10, whereas unless you’re watching Iron Chef, few other Food Network shows award points.

If you like Chopped‘s concept, but it’s a little too serious for you, Rewrapped is definitely worth watching. It’s all about having fun with your favorite foods, which is a refreshing change from watching chefs make foods with strange ingredients you’ve never heard of and will never see in person. This show, which starts with a clip on how the featured snack food is made, will also make you long for Unwrapped reruns.

Food Network has finally gotten back to having fun with food. Let’s hope Rewrapped is a sign of things to come and stays around a while. Joey’s excitement may be a bit much, but he will improve his hosting skills. The only thing is Food Network missed an opportunity. Marc Summers is sitting on the set the whole time judging food. Unwrapped was his show. Why isn’t he hosting Rewrapped? He’s a terrible judge. The man’s television image is the epitome of nice. Marc hosted what was once the most popular show on Nickelodeon and is extremely good with kids. There’s no way he’s going to tear about someone’s dish, even if they present him with chocolate Goldfish encrusted steak. Despite Marc’s shortcomings as a judge, the show doesn’t suffer.

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