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Fourth of July Marathons 2013

Once again, it’s Fourth of July weekend. While some people will be heading off to the beach or going to a barbeque, others will be curled up on their couch watching one of these marathons.

July 3

A&E : THE FIRST 48 (3 – 7pm), DUCK DYNASTY(7pm- 4am)

AMC: CSI: MIAMI (4 – 8pm)

bio: THE FIRST 48 (7pm- 3am)


Cloo: HOUSE (8am – 1am)

CMT: REBA (5 – 8pm)

Discovery: DUAL SURVIVAL (5 – 9pm), NAKED AND AFRAID (9pm- 1pm)

Discovery Fit & Health: THE LITTLE COUPLE (7pm – 2am)

Disney XD: KICKIN’ IT (9pm – Midnight)


Food Network: RESTAURANT: IMPOSSIBLE (7 – 10pm)

GSN: FAMILY FEUD (6pm – Midnight)


HGTV: BUYING AND SELLING Marathon (1 – 8pm)

History: THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA (4pm – 4am)

ION: FLASHPOINT (9pm – 3am)

Logo: NIP/TUCK (7pm – 1am)

Military: THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR (7pm – 6am)


Nick at Nite: FULL HOUSE (8pm – Midnight)

NickToons: THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS (9pm – Midnight)

nuvoTV: THE SHIELD (8pm – 2am)


ReelzChannel: BEVERLY HILLS PAWN (9pm – 3am)

Smithsonian: AERIAL AMERICA (Midnight – 6am)

Spike: COPS (5 – 8pm)


TNT: CASTLE (4 – 9pm)

truTV: HARDCORE PAWN  (7pm – 4am)

TV Land: M*A*S*H (5 – 8pm)

USA: NCIS (8am – Midnight)

WE: PREGNANT & DATING (Midnight – 5am)

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DirecTV and Viacom Reach an Agreement

DirecTV customers will get back the 17 Viacom channels that they lost during the 10-day standoff between the two companies. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. However, the deal  gives DirecTV subscribers the ability to see Viacom programming on various electronic devices via the DirecTV Everywhere platform. It also includes an option for DirecTV to carry Viacom’s premium movie channel EPIX.

Viacom Stops Free Streaming of Its Shows

The fight between Viacom and DirecTV has officially affected everyone. Since DirecTV decided to direct their customers who want to watch Viacom shows to their corresponding websites, Viacom has decided to pull full episodes of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SpongeBob Squarepants, iCarly, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and more. However, full episodes do remain on Hulu.


Fourth of July Marathons

Fourth of July Marathons are ubiquitous with the holiday, which is why every network appears to have one.

Here is a long, yet still incomplete list of marathons sorted alphabetically by show.

America’s Funniest Home Videos (11am-11pm, ABC Family)

America’s Got Talent (9am-5pm, Oxygen)

American Greed (11am-6pm, CNBC)

Cajun Pawn Stars (7pm-3am, History)

Criminal Minds (8am-5pm, A&E)

Dancing With the Stars (8am-2pm, GSN)

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MTV Goes Retro

No, MTV hasn’t had a change of heart and decided to play music videos all day. However, MTV has announced its new “Retro Mania” block. The block, which will air weekdays from 9am to 12pm, will start on June 25 and will run until August 3.

The full schedule is:

June 25 – June 29: Laguna Beach (Seasons 1 and 2)

July 2 – July 27: The Hills (Seasons 1 – 6)

July 30 – August 3: Daria (MTV’s favorite episodes from the series)

After seeing the list, it looks like MTV has no idea what is considered retro. If MTV really wanted to go retro, it would have put Remote Control and old seasons of The Real World.

What shows would you like to see on MTV’s Retro Mania block?

I would like to see 2ge+her, which was about a fictional boy band, and the aforementioned Remote Control.

Charlie Sheen Stars in Anger Management Promos

You’ve probably heard that Charlie Sheen is coming back to television with Anger Management, which is based on the movie of the same name. Yesterday, FX released six commercials, each one featuring a punchline from the show. However, they are not really funny because the promos at 10 to 20 seconds each don’t provide any context for the joke.

The first commercial is the longest and doesn’t actually have anything to do with the show, except for the fact that it stars Charlie Sheen as Charlie Sheen. At least he gets in a good, albeit overused, joke in at the end.

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Reviewing TBS’s Men at Work

TBS is one of my favorite channels, but it’s one of the last places I would think of to have a  quality first-run show. I’ll watch endless reruns of Friends or Seinfeld, but that’s what TBS is best at: reruns. Though, when I saw so many ads for Men at Work  during multiple two hour marathons of Friends, I wanted to give it a chance. I have been a fan of Breckin Meyer ever since I saw him star in Rat Race in 2001, so I was curious about how well he would do as a showrunner. I’ve also been a fan of Danny Masterson for a while. I knew this new role wouldn’t be as enjoyable as when he was Hyde in That 70s Show, but I still wanted him to succeed.

The style of the show wasn’t going to suit me, since I have an aversion to multi-camera shows with a laugh track. While there are a few notable  exceptions, the overwhelmingly deliberate delivery of punchline and prompting for the viewer to laugh turns me off. Also, the camera set up seems to compromise individual character focus. The premise of this show was respectable, but not very unique. Four men living, working and dating in New York. The series opened with two episodes on Thursday night, and while I chuckled a few times during both of them, I wasn’t impressed.

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