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Perez Hilton Visits “America’s Next Top Model”

The competition on America’s Next Top Model is heating up. This week, contestants were given the chance to talk to their loved ones. All 12 of the contestants had to split one hour among themselves with the winner of last week’s best photo, Jourdan, receiving 10 minutes. Jourdan abuses the privilege by talking to her boyfriend for over ten minutes and other members of the house understandably get annoyed.

Everyone feels that Jourdan is top dog on America’s Next Top Model because she has been getting high praise lately from the judges and abuses her privileges. Of course, contestants get annoyed at Jeremy as well. He likes Jourdan, will defend her, and everyone knows it.

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‘Double Divas’ Look For the Perfect Fit

As a woman, I have mixed feelings about Lifetime’s Double Divas. On one hand, I think it’s great that the women at LiviRae Lingerie, which is in Kennesaw, Georgia, help women of all sizes find the perfect bra and panties. On the other, it’s awkward watching women on television going through the intimate experience of trying on intimate apparel, especially when you realize that the show will appeal to the demographic that makes do with the Victoria Secret catalog because their older brother refuses to buy them Playboy.

Setting all of that aside, Double Divas is definitely worth a look. The show is in the same vein as TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and I Found the Gown. Because the show deals with lingerie, it will not be for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. LiviRae owners Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards understand that most women want bras that are functional and pretty. They get that pretty does not equal sexy and that not everyone is comfortable showing off their breasts.

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America’s Next Top Model Is All About the Chemistry

Not only was tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model very entertaining to watch, but the show was very sensual as well. Now that the show is a couple episodes in, America’s Next Top Model contestants are really getting comfortable with each other. Airing tonight with a new special time of 9/8c, audiences will got the taste of the challenges on becoming the next top model whether it be tension or newer relationships forming. Intensity and hormones are certainly heating up this season causing a nice Friday show to watch during this summer break. Having been the first season where guys are also in the competition, today’s challenge was perfect to utilize both the female and male contestants.

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CNBC Knows How To Make ‘The Profit’

CNBC is not the first place most people would turn to at all, especially for primetime programming. Other Mad Money with screaming lunatic Jim Cramer and maybe Squawk Box, few people can name a show on CNBC. While most people will ignore The Profit simply because its on a channel more concerned with the Dow Jones Industrial Average than providing mainstream entertainment, they will be missing out a show that is in the same mold as Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and the extremely popular Restaurant Impossible.

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Who’s the Problem on ‘Wedding Island?’

Sandy Malone

In last week’s review of Wedding Island, I called Sandy Malone, head of Weddings in Vieques, not a very nice person. This post will attempt to be fairer to her.

Wedding Island subscribes to the philosophy that anything that can go wrong will. Sandy always has to deal with other people’s major mistakes, such as a restaurant called Lazy Jack’s booking two wedding parties on the same night. She claims that the owner decided to book the another group over her’s because they were paying more money. The owner made it sound like it was a genuine mistake and someone misplaced their reservation, but Sandy’s attitude made him not want to make the situation right. Instead, he told her to get lost and that he doesn’t need her business. On the show, scenarios like this happen all the time. This time it worked out because anther restaurant down the street was able to accommodate the 20 guests, but Sandy stressed everyone out and made a scene by arguing with Lazy Jack’s owner in the middle of the street. Do people on Vieques not respect her because she doesn’t respect them?

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‘Perfect Score’ Doesn’t Deserve One

After the new Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The CW airs Perfect Score. It is an extremely odd pairing. While Whose Line? appeals equally to both men and women, Perfect Score goes directly for The CW’s female demographic.

Perfect Score, hosted by Arielle Kebbel, is a slightly classier version of GSN’s Baggage, which is appropriately hosted by Jerry Springer. Baggage has people reveal unsettling secrets, such as collecting an ex-lovers toenail clippings in an urn, whereas Perfect Score settles for using cheesy pickup lines and other gimmicks, such as having men dress up as superheroes and sharing their superpower. Unlike Baggage, contestants can win money on Perfect Score, but they have to compete for a date against their best friend.

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Welcome To ‘Wedding Island’

Wedding Island: where Mr. Rourke and Tattoo make your fantasies come true. Oops, that’s Fantasy Island. On Wedding Island, wedding planner Sandy Malone and employees do their best to make sure brides have their perfect wedding. The title is self-explanatory, the show is about planning island weddings.

Wedding Island takes place on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Unlike the main island, which has over 3.5 million people, Vieques has less than 10,000 residents and is only 21 miles long and 4 miles wide. The island only has one baker and one rental company, which means there is a very real possibility that something may not arrive on time or even at all. On top of that, there are no flowers on the island, so flowers have to be flown in from elsewhere. As Sandy points out, anywhere else, she could get in her car and drive to the florist. In Vieques, the flowers she ordered may die on the runway from neglect and the only thing she can do is yell, which is not a problem for Sandy.

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Weekly TV Update: August 13

NBC interrupted the closing ceremonies to preview Animal Practice.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is eyeing reality show offers.

Another Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, is interested in reality TV. Phelps will appear on a Golf Channel show that helps amateur golfers improve their game.

Two and a Half Men gets a new guest star: Miley Cyrus.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has been suspended for plagiarism.

Mariah Carey Joins American Idol

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez vacated their judging positions only last week, but one seat on the American Idol judging panel has already been filled by Mariah Carey. Meanwhile, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said at a Television Critics Association meeting that since Lopez told Ryan Seacrest that she was only “99 percent sure” she was leaving, there is a 1 percent chance she will return. Then, Lythgoe went on to contradict himself. He also expressed a desire to keep the show fresh with new judges each season.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, there are some interesting American Idol related charts, such the following one.

Do you think Mariah Carey will make a good judge? Does American Idol even matter anymore? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Food Network Star: Promo Time

This season of Food Network Star has been underwhelming because many of the contestants were boring and the format did not work. Other than the handful of finalists, I do not remember anyone’s name because most of the constants were instantly forgettable. As for the format, it managed to make Giada DeLaurentiis, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown unlikable because they had just as much at stake as the contestants: they would produce the pilot of the winner, if the winner is on their team.

Last night’s episode of Food Network Star seemed rushed. It could have easily been extended to 90 minutes or split over 2 weeks because it contained to distinct situations. Each situation could have made a complete episode, but for some reason neither one got the time it deserved and both were compressed down to a half hour. The first 30 minutes saw the remaining 6 contestants shoot 30 second promos for their potential Food Network show.

Spoiler Alert

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